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Amazing Detroit Wedding Band

STILETTO FIRE is the right choice if you are getting married.  We have the experience of performing at weddings every weekend.  We have the knowledge of what to do and when.  But lastly, we have the high caliber of entertainers that know how to get people on the dance floor and show them an EPIC time.





What do we provide?

- I personally do MC services - This includes announcing the bridal party entrances, as well as general announcements and speech introductions.  I am very experienced in running the entire night from start to finish.


- Wireless microphone if needed for speeches


- An amazing light show that turns your reception into an EPIC party


- Background music for cocktal hour, during dinner, and during the bands breaks


- We also are more than willing to learn new songs for your wedding.  

Hi, my name is Jeff Fab.  I own, operate, and perform in Stiletto Fire.  When you work with Stiletto Fire you are going to be in contact with me.  I will help you through the entire process and provide suggestions that can ease your load of decisions.  


I am very dedicated to my clients.  I return your phone calls and emails promply. I write all the details down and I make sure that all your questions and concerns are answered.


Your wedding is MY TOP PRIORITY - I do this full-time for a living and I make sure that your once in a lifetime wedding is going to be amazing!


I have extensive experience in performing and entertaining at weddings.  I have been working full-time in music since 2006 when I was a musical director on cruise ships.



Stiletto Fire - Our Look And Setup


How we work on the day of your wedding

- Stiletto Fire will be at your venue early!  Setup, sound check, and all the details will be done well before any guests arive


- As guests do arrive I will have background, cocktail type music playing on our system (live music upgrade available - Jazz Trio ~ or ~ Modern Duo)


-After the cocktail hour - I will organize the bridal party for their entrances - The music will play on our huge sound system, our lighting system will be on. I do all the MC and announcing and I get your guests excited and cheering.


- During dinner I will have soft music playing on our system that is perfectly suited to create a classy atmosphere.


- Depending on where you would like them, I will organize the First Dance, the Father of the Bride Dance, and the Mother of the Groom Dance.  These can be played live by the band or the actual recordings on our system.


-After dinner the band will start when it's the right time - we work on your schedule. When you want the band to start - we will start.

Stiletto Fire Duo Cocktail Music
Jazz Group For Cocktail Hour

When the party starts!!

- We engage the audience

- We get on the dance floor with your guests

- We have your guests on the stage with us

- We have guitar hero guitars that we bring to let people jam with us

- We have cowboy hats for people to wear

- We have tambourines and shakers so people can get involved