Hello world! Stiletto Fire is now blogging!

Well here we are.  Stiletto Fire has been an amazing Detroit wedding band for about 4 years now and I thought it was about time to start a blog. We perform almost every single weekend and there are just tons of things to talk about and remember.

Every gig we have, every venue we perform at, and every road trip we take, some kind of story comes out of it. While the band all knows about the stories, our clients and fans never seem to hear about them.  Well that is about to change.

From now on SF’s stories and tales are going to be put up here on our newly opened blog.

First off, I have to admit that I’ve never written a blog!!  In fact, as all my band mates, and family knows.  I’m actually horrible at writing the english language properly. lol.  So . . . .   with that in mind, I’d like to apologize ahead of time for all the mistakes in everything I write.  I have downloaded a quick chart of when to use too, to, two, there, their, they’re,  and a few others.  Please know that I just want to get my thoughts and stories out so Stiletto Fire and myself can share the amazing journeys we take.

Performing in this amazing Detroit wedding band is just an awesome job and I want to share it here!!

Okay 2018, let’s get the gigs rolling, and the stories coming.

Thanks for reading.

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